Academic Program

Academic Program
The curriculum at Asia Antioch Seminary is designed to lead committed Christians into a program of basic preparation for Christian ministries. The seminary believes that Christianity embraces every dimension of life and speaks to all people.  The preparation for and involvement in Christian ministries are considered vital in a complete curriculum. Students are helped to actualize their faith so that they can apply it to the contemporary world in a way that has both meaning and purpose.


Admission Procedure and Requirements
It is our purpose to enroll those students who are academically and spiritually qualified (born again, called and committed) to pursue a theological training for rendering effective Christian service. Admission requirements are, therefore, designed to ensure that each student who enters the seminary program has the capacity to pursue his/her work successfully.
The applicant’s academic background, tested abilities, personality traits, and Christian commitment are given priority in determining admission.


A. Enrolment Procedure
    1. Students who seek admission should submit an Application for enrollment to the Registrar on or before May 30th.
        The Application Form and Prospectus can be obtained from the office at the payment of Rs. 100.00

    2. Application must be furnished with the required information and must be submitted to the Registrar’s office along with the following documents
        a. Photo copy of official mark-sheet of academic credit.
        b. Photo copy of degree certificates.
        c. A passport size photo.
        d. A report of physical examination by a medical doctor.
        e. 2 letters of recommendation (see the application form).
        f. Conduct/Character certificate.
        g. A written personal testimony.
        h. Financial guarantee form.

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